At KITT.AI we are experts in natural language and speech technologies with a top-notch engineering team. One look at our products, and you will see that we deliver cutting-edge science and technology in beautiful software.

Meet the co-founders

Xuchen has a PhD in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins (2014), where he specialized in language technology applications that solve real world problems, like Question Answering.

Guoguo has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins (2016), where he specialized in speech recognition and pioneered the development of hotword detection, which allows our devices to be always listening for specific words or phrases, like Alexa, Hey Siri, and Google Now.

Finally, I (Kenji) have a PhD in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon (2006), and was recently a Computer Science faculty member at the University of Southern California, where I led projects on language understanding, human-machine conversation (dialogue systems), and analysis of human communication.

We share the vision that machines that understand how people really talk should be everywhere, making technology more accessible to everyone. Our combined expertise has already produced two ground-breaking tools that will put the best natural language tech in the hands of every developer. Visit our homepage for details. There you can sign up now for early access!