Last week Xuchen and I headed to sunny San Diego to show ChatFlow, NLU and Snowboy to the Natural Language Processing community in an exhibit at the Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Yes, that's a mouthful, but those in Computational Linguistics and NLP know NAACL as a top-tier venue for the latest and best in speech and language processing.

That's Xuchen looking pleased with our exhibit:
Xuchen looking pleased with our NAACL exhibit.

Feedback from academics and industry practitioners was very positive, and we were happy to see that Snowboy worked well even in the very crowded and noisy hotel hallway where we set up our exhibit!

As we get close to launching ChatFlow, we are particularly interested in seeing what people think of our platform for development of smart bots. If you are interested in conversational bots, whether you are a beginner or an expert, why not sign up for early access in our alpha program and send us some feedback?