Tencent is the company that owns the #3 and #4 most popular messaging apps by users: QQ Mobile (850 million active users) and WeChat (700 million active users), directly after WhatsApp (1000M) and Facebook Messenger (900M). Yesterday in Seattle Tencent started their North America startup competition under their Global Startup Battle program. Eventually 50 teams from within China and 10 teams outside will be selected to the semi-finals.

We thought ChatFlow would be a perfect framework with Tencent's super popular WeChat. We were also curious about WeChat's globalization plan. Thus Guoguo and I pitched at the competition yesterday, along with 11 other teams from North America.

We showed a vision of "an immersive and seamless chatting experience with assistive chatbots". The bots were programmed with our ChatFlow framework. Here's a demo of planning a date night:

Both the judges and audience liked it. So we won the first place:

KITT.AI won the 1st place

As of this, Tencent will fly us to China at the end of month for the semi-finals. We'll for sure use this opportunity to explore business interest in China!