One month ago, Snowboy passed the first milestone: 1000 developers and 500 unique hotwords. As of today, we have reached another milestone with more than 2000 developers and 1200 unique hotwords!

The developer community is growing and contributing to Snowboy. One big advance is that there's a new node.js module for snowboy:

npm install --save snowboy

Now you can easily fire up your Chrome/Firefox with Web Speech API and enjoy free speech recognition services while also protecting your privacy and bandwidth.

Another very commonly asked feature is a training API/endpoint that allows you to programmatically access the Hotword service. Here you go! As a quick start, POST to

    "name": "a word",
    "language": "en",
    "age_group": "10_19",
    "gender": "F",
    "microphone": "mic type",
    "token": "<your auth token>",
    "voice_samples": [
        {wave: "<base64 encoded wave data>"},
        {wave: "<base64 encoded wave data>"},
        {wave: "<base64 encoded wave data>"}

then you'll get a trained personal model in return!

Check out the Full Documentation and example Python/Bash script (other language contributions are very welcome).

The Hotword Service solves two fundamental problems:

  1. Offering customization on device, so your customer can freely define their own hotword.
  2. Minimizing acoustic distortion by directly collecting voice from end device.

Let us know about the awesome projects you've been building with Snowboy! Meanwhile, the KITT.AI team will gradually ship out our awesome new tools offering Conversational Understanding as a Service. Stay tuned!