It took us 2.5 months to reach the first thousand developers, then 1.5 months for the second thousand developers, and only 1 month to reach the third thousand developers!

Meanwhile, Amazon officially endorses Snowboy as the "Alexa" wake word engine to voice activate any devices running the Alexa Voice Service. Here's the official Alexa Pi repository and a nice LifeHacker article.

We also received a lot queries about commercialization, which happens in two phrases:

I. Software evaluation phrase

1.1 We help customers install Snowboy on their device

1.2 Customer proposes a hotword, at least four syllables recommended.

1.3 We collect voice samples from people different gender and age groups, and train a customized universal hotword for the customer

Currently we focus on English hotwords.

II. Licensing

If the customer is happy with the evaluation, and decide to move forward, we can license Snowboy and model to your device. This part is open to discussion and is usually a volume based model.

What if your device is voice triggered by Snowboy? Do you need a full conversational experience? Stay tuned for KITT.AI's next big product!