Since its inception, the mission of KITT.AI has been making human machine interaction simple with natural language understanding technologies. With roots in two of the best universities in speech and NLP -- Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon -- we chose a path of empowering the world of developers with the best of our knowledge, products, and service.

Over the past two years we developed three products: Snowboy (a customizable hotword detection engine), NLU (a multilingual natural language understanding engine), and ChatFlow (a multi-turn conversation engine). As of July 2017, we power more than 12,000 developers on the Snowboy platform, who created the largest hotword library in the world with 9,000 unique hotwords in 15 major languages. We have turned ChatFlow into an enterprise-level software, actively exploring a monetization strategy in the war of chatbot platforms.

Now KITT.AI's products are deployed in smart phone apps, speakers, appliances, web chat, cars, homes, conference rooms, offices, hospitals, and even telephone lines. A good mouth of word has awarded us in return quite well: we have paying customers from 4 continents of the world and we are profitable.

Is there a bigger platform that can put KITT.AI in the trajectory of serving 10x or 100x more developers in the next few years? Today KITT.AI joins Baidu, a search, AI, and autonomous driving company, to continue a joint mission of making the complex world simpler with (natural language understanding) technologies.

How does this affect existing and future developers of KITT.AI? Better products, better services and a peace of mind that KITT.AI will continue to operate with its existing products in the years to come. Yes, literally nothing changes in our existing products and brands. We'll be continuing to support developers with best of our efforts as we have always been.

We look forward to hearing the exciting products you have built with KITT.AI, now a Baidu company.

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